#Fahrenbruary Review: Red Hands by Ariana D.Den Bleyker @fahrenheitpress @ADenbleyker15

I see you questioning what #Fahrenbruary is, well if you’d like to know more about this hashtag trend then see my post here!

Now we are all on the same page, this my friends is my first Fahrenbruary review this month. The first review is of ‘Red Hands’ by Ariana D. Den Bleyker which drew me in with the blurb alone:

cov_red_hands“Garrison is a predator.
Garrison hunts his prey methodically, hiding his true nature beneath the most respectable of disguises. Garrison’s victims never suspect him until it’s already too late and when he strikes, he strikes quickly and viciously.
This psychological tour de force is noir at it’s very blackest. Ariana D. Den Bleyker takes her readers on a journey into the terrifying psychology of a twisted violent mind.
Red Hands is both the story of a man obsessed with the thrill of the kill and a warning that the most dangerous psychopaths live among us, hiding in plain sight.”

Purchase Link: https://www.fahrenheit-press.com/books_red_hands.html

My Thoughts

This read packs one hell of a psychological punch that will leave you sliding off your seat to join your jaw on the floor thinking ‘WTF’ for a good time afterwards. This may be a small book in terms of pages, at a double digit of 94. But do you know what this means? It means that you get sucked straight into an intense storyline with a solid psychological thriller backbone. ‘Red Hands’ will leave you reeling from the curve balls, that you will not see coming your way.

From page one you are drawn into a storyline written from the point of view of Garrison, with whom you identify pretty quickly is a psychopathic predator who is glamourized by the thought of murder and plans to fulfil his bloody desires. We are taken with Garrison on his murderous journey in which he identifies his victims. We are given sneak peaks into his mentality, as wells as his potential psychological illness.

Garrison has an eerie type feel about him, I would use the term ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’ to describe him. The storyline drives home how dangerous psychopaths walk among us and we aren’t even aware. Scary thought right? Like I said, this read packs one hell of a psychological punch! I have never disliked a character as much as I do Garrison, that’s another reason that I loved this read; it cause an emotional response within you, in this case negative and that is ALWAYS a plus!

What I have also come to realise is that a large number of independently published reads don’t get as much appreciation as mainstream published reads, and most of the time they truly excellent. Red Hands is one of those reads where quantity (of pages) does not directly correlate with the quality of the books. You may have guessed that for me this read is 5 / 5 stars. I was able to get my teeth fully sunken into the fantastically written storyline, that kept me engaged fully throughout, ripped my nerves to shreds and completely blew me away! It is truly the perfect bookish embodiment of a psychological thriller. AND THAT ENDING! *Huge round of applause* I have not felt this way about a read in a while and it’s definitely one that I highly recommend, one I will read over and over again.

So, my overall thoughts of this book is buy it, read it and tell all your reader friends about it! You will not be disappointed!


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1 thought on “#Fahrenbruary Review: Red Hands by Ariana D.Den Bleyker @fahrenheitpress @ADenbleyker15

  1. You captured the spirit of Red Hands perfectly!


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