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Meet The Blogger!

I’m almost a blogger of three months, I love talking books with everyone of the blogging and reading community but I’d like to start a ‘Meet The Blogger’ type tag (not sure if there is one already) where we can all get to know each-other that little bit more! So, I thought I’d share ten things about myself with you lovely readers! Here goes…

  1. My name is Danielle, I live in a small town of Wales with my partner and our two lovely kids. Oh, I can’t forget Tom, he’s our guinea pig!
  2. I have recently graduated with a forensic science and analytical degree with a 2:1, since studying I have become remotely obsessed with listening to true crime podcasts, favourite being Casefile.
  3. The book that originally got me in to reading was ‘Misery’ by Stephen King.
  4. I love rock / punk music, but I do also enjoy bopping around to pop and musical soundtracks (not ashamed!) At the moment our car CDs include; The Greatest Showman, Moana and Tool.
  5. I would pick crisps over chocolate any day, especially prawn cocktail ones!
  6. If I could visit anywhere in the world, I’d like to visit China, although travelling Route 66 in America is also close to the top of my bucket list.
  7. My favourite film has got to be Con Air, Nicholas Cage is a legend. Ii could (not even joking) watch Con Air start to end then watch it all over again without a problem,
  8. Fondest childhood memory is of my dad buying me white platform shoes like the ones worn by Geri Halliwell when the Spice Girls were big. He bought them for me because I was so miserable from having chicken pox.
  9. My last holiday was 2017, I took my mum to Amsterdam for her 51st birthday. She has always wanted to go there as our family has Dutch roots. We did not venture into the Bulldog Cafes but we did culture ourselves with trips to the Marijuana museum and Anne Frank’s House.
  10. Four years ago, my partner and I visited Ostend in Belgium. First night there, not aware of how strong the beer was; we got quite tipsy and decided on getting matching tattoos. We asked for Belgium waffle tattoos…. we ended up with matching potato waffle tattoos on our thighs. I don’t even regret it!

So, there you go, you know 10 more things about me than you knew yesterday! Isn’t this great. I’ll tag five bloggers, and hope this continues. Let’s get to know one another better!

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4 thoughts on “Meet The Blogger!

  1. LOL about the tattoos!
    Nice to hear a little more about you 🙂


    1. They look absolutely awful but I love them if that makes sense 🤣


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