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#Fahrenbruary Book Haul

After years of only having two bookish friends that get my taste in reads, I’ve been introduced to this huge, diverse world of book bloggers. Not only is this community welcoming and supportive but the people within it have various literary tastes that you can’t help but dip your toe in the various genre pools and sometimes you find a type of read that a. You didn’t know existed or b. something that you wouldn’t usually pick up but now you’re intrigued.

I can’t remember the refined details of my exchange with a fellow blogger @Kellyvandamme but she nudged me in the direction of a publisher @fahrenheitpress who are an independent publishing house, that have so many fabulous looking reads. During the month of February two wonderful bloggers; @laughinggravy and @Thatmattkeyes have set up a bookish readathon type event; #Fahrenbruary, in which you can purchase, read and review books from Fahrenheit Press.

So before my January book buying ban went into action, I went on a mini haul on the 31st of December *loophole!* I’d like to share with you the beginning of my Fahrenheit Press collection. I would also like to add that I purchased them directly from the website and they were delivered so wonderfully wrapped in recyclable brown paper and black craft paper, with THE CUTEST little silver skull on a paperclip chain! I’ve included the website link where you can purchase at the end each book blurb! To browse the bookish arsenal available from Fahrenheit Press, you can click here!

*Drumroll* the haul….

‘Red Hands’ by Ariana D.Den Bleyker

cov_red_handsGarrison is a predator.
Garrison hunts his prey methodically, hiding his true nature beneath the most respectable of disguises. Garrison’s victims never suspect him until it’s already too late and when he strikes, he strikes quickly and viciously.”

“Red Hands is both the story of a man obsessed with the thrill of the kill and a warning that the most dangerous psychopaths live among us, hiding in plain sight.”

Purchase Link:

‘Burke’s Last Witness’ by CJ Dunford

cov_burkes_last_witness_2018.jpg“The true story of the world’s first serial killers…

Burke’s Last Witness is a poignant haunting psychological drama which delves into the mind of notorious serial killer William Burke as he awaits his execution. Using accounts from his 2-day trial in 1828, this telling of the story will challenge the common perception about who the main protagonist was in the deadly partnership between William Burke and William Hare.

Burke is not a simple retelling of the duo’s 16 murders. Set in the death-cell of cold, dank Calton Jail days before his execution in front of 25,000 people, Burke languishes with only his jailor Captain Rose for company. 

This chilling novella follows the last few days of Burke’s life as he awaits his public execution. Chained and racked with cancerous tumours Burke unburdens himself to the honourable Captain Rose who strives to understand why these two men committed such atrocities.

Burke’s Last Witness is an novella developed from the popular play (also written by CJ Dunford) which has toured widely and to great critical acclaim.”

Purchase link:

Dread: The Art of Serial Killing’ by Mark Ramsden

cov_dread_the_art_of_serial_killing.jpg“Mr Madden, Dickens enthusiast, muses with his beautiful and bohemian prisoner on possible endings to the famous author’s unfinished final mystery. 

Mr Madden, spy, infiltrates a far right nationalist group in order to set up the thugs for something far more serious than their usual boozy street fights. 

Mr Madden, serial killer, sculpts his Candidates into bizarre and macabre artworks within the bare walls of his dungeon workshop.

And if he is to keep one step ahead of the police, the secret service and his own gory instincts, Mr Madden is going to have to find the answer to the one question that hangs over all our heads:
What would Charles Dickens do?”

Purchase link:

So, this February dip your toe in the indie reads pool, you will be pleasantly surprised with the reads you come across. My reviews will be available throughout the month and I’m already eyeing up my next few purchases…… book addict for life!

Have you read any books from Fahrenheit Press? What ones and what would you recommend? Comment below! I’ve included the website and twitter handle of Fahrenheit Press and @F13Noir so go and follow to stay up to date with bookish news and releases.

Whatever you may be reading today,



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3 thoughts on “#Fahrenbruary Book Haul

  1. Hi Danielle. Glad to now I’m not the only one who went crazy on their site. I picked up 6 books, really enjoyed the first 3 & currently on the 4th. I don’t have any of the ones you selected so I look forward to your thoughts on those. Happy 💀☠️💀reading!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wooo what ones did you read?? I need all the books! #fahrenaddict you must shares yours too, and Thank you!! You too 😘


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