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Random Things Tours: Pluckley Psychic Historical Society Blog Tour

Oh, hello there! *dusts of toast crumbs and puts down tea* Welcome to my day of the Pluckley Psychic Historical Society blog tour! I’m Danielle and I will be your tour guide! I would like to firstly thank both Anne Carter at Random Things Tour for arranging and inviting me to be part of this blog tour, as well as the author of this fantastic piece of literature Grahame Peace.

Grahame Peace Author Picture
About The Author

Grahame has written has written several books, including the books within the ‘The Ghost From Molly House’ collection, in which The Pluckley Psychic Historical Society is the third instalment. He would describe his books genres as humour, paranormal – historical – fantasy, mysteries and fashion. The Pluckley Psychic Historical Society is available for purchase now on amazon in e-book format, as well as his other books in The Molly House series. Take a look by clicking here. Grahame worked within the Mental Health industry for years, when he decided to retire he then became a full – time writer. Grahame is active on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads, so if you want to keep up to date with news of his work and books those places are the way to do it!
About The Book

The Pluckley Psychic Historical Society is the fourth instalment of ‘The Ghost From Molly House’ collection, it can be read as part of the series as a whole or as a stand alone. It was independently published on the 25th of November 2018 (which means that you can dash right over to amazon to purchase e-book without any waiting!)

Pluckley 4

The book is written from the point of view of Jasper Claxton, a 400 year old time travelling ghost, who is sent through time to help individual’s on cases of the paranormal. The Pluckley Psychic Historical Society was founded in Pluckley, Kent (which is meant to be the most haunted town in England, although this story is a work of fiction) by Winston who is a (informal) psychic scholar, historian and academic, Florence; a white witch and a medium called Jocasta. They welcome Jasper into their fold, unaware that he is in fact a ghost and together they uncover spiritual fraud, as well as helping trapped souls who are unable to crossover due to unfinished business.

“This book describes how the Psychic Historical Society was set up and goes back to the group’s first two official cases in 1919, just after the end of the first world war. The first story, ‘The Jewellery Box’ involves a 16th-century jewellery box made from precious metals, which is found buried in a garden and reveals a 400-year-old mystery.

The second story, ‘The Book of Souls’ is set in Huddersfield, England, at a place called Jubilee Tower or Castle Hill, which was built to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria and is on the site of ancient bronze and iron age settlements dating back 4000 years. An old book of spells is found, and once opened, it appears to have released something ominous.”

What I Thought

I want to start by saying that I have never loved a group of characters, especially Jasper! Jasper broke my heart from the beginning when his past life was dialogued, including how in fact he became to be dead and a ghost. The characters worked together really well, each one having their own distinct personalities, such as Jocasta’s constant hunger and Florence’s absolutely kind persona.

The storyline is split into two parts which compliment one another as they have different underlying themes; I think this gives the book different dimensions because it’s not the same baseline throughout. Both stories are ghostly paranormal but The Book of Souls story is definitely a few tones darker. The Book of Souls is set at Castle Hill, this in itself looks ghostly!


I read this book in one day, I couldn’t put it down and absolutely loved it, Grahame has such a talent for writing as well as including the little details that make the storyline feel real to the reader. For example, historical research into Pluckley and the occult / symbols. Myself as a reader appreciates it when a writer tries to bring some authenticity to their work.

Seriously, who doesn’t love a light – hearted ghost story with elements of devil worship and witches. The storyline includes humour and isn’t lose sleep scary, although I did start it pretty late and couldn’t put it down, but that’s a good type of sleep losing! The storyline is gripping, although it is easy to follow it is not at all predictable. Going back to the character development, Grahame has created them with personal details which complimented other characters within the group. They all seemed like a really great set of colleagues and friends.

My heart ached for Jasper, his feeling of loneliness and loss shone through his dialogue, he remembers with fondness his time with Mistress Clap at he Molly House, in which we learn that he misses her tremendously after being separated from her when he was alive. The Molly House was the only place that he felt a sense of belonging in his whole life. As well as his loneliness in his ghost life; that he can not share with his friends that he is a ghost, because he doesn’t think they will accept him how he is! It doesn’t help that he gets sent throughout time and it generally feels that he just can’t find peace anywhere *sob*.

I would describe the book as being a paranormal private detective type read, with some blushingly good innuendos to keep you smiling throughout. The concept and writing is wonderful that will make you smile, give you goose-bumps and just in awe of a bloody fantastic read!

Thank-you again to Anne and Grahame for inviting me to be part of this blog tour for such a great book! After finishing, I immediately ‘ran’ to Amazon and purchased the first three in the series, I’m very much looking forward to reading them!

I hope you enjoyed my post / review, keep tuned for the following days of the tour! Also, check out the previous tour posts from Over The Rainbow Book Blog and Stardust Book Reviews.

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2 thoughts on “Random Things Tours: Pluckley Psychic Historical Society Blog Tour

  1. Huge thanks for this awesome Blog Tour support x

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    1. This means so much, I’ve really been worried because I didn’t want to let anyone down! I think my confidence is building and your thanks really helps! Thankyou so much for the opportunity to read this book and to be part of your book tours! X


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