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My Bookish Resolutions

It’s nearly the last day of 2018 *hyperventilates* i’m going to deeply miss this year but I am so grateful for so many things! See list:

I graduated (happy dance)
I rekindled old friendships with some amazing people while ending negative ones.
Met some amazing new people, including wonderful blogger
I have read some truly terrific books
I’ve expanded my reading genre net
And most important of them all, I am so much happier going out of 2018 that I was going in. I call that a win all by itself!


Every year, around this time, everyone starts throwing around their New Year Resolutions; whether it’s to join the gym, quit smoking or learn a new skill. Well that will not be me this year. I have made three resolutions that are all book-themed… some of which I am already beginning to regret!

Number one (regrettable) resolution is to stop buying books (pre-ordered not included, and there’s a lot)! But there is no book buying every other month, Why? Because the book guilt is strong with this one, and do you know what is good for guilt? Buying new books, then the guilt comes back. So, no spontaneous book hauls bi – monthly. I have to catch up on my TBR pile and Netgalley! I do have blog tours / reviews though in which the books don’t count, also books bought with audible credits do not count as cheating. It’s going to be hard, i’m going to be the colour green when reading all the fantastic reviews of all the beautiful books, and i have to wait a whole month to purchase and read! My bank account will be thrilled, BUT, the months that I can buy is set at a limit of 1 book!! This will be hard, wish me luck!


My second bookish resolution is to be more strict on no phones after 7pm, and take a book to bed. I saw the author Gillian McAllister has started doing this and she said that she’s been able to read more incredible books. It is so surprising how five minutes looking at Instagram can lead to three hours twitter stalking your favourite author…. I can imagine!


Now this is the biggie, I am pretty sure I can do it especially with the above resolution in place. My personal reading challenge for 2019 is 104, that’s two a week! do-able! Especially considering that I’ve read 56 since the 1st of July (26 weeks!)

What are your bookish resolutions, if you have any? Have you set yourself a reading goal for 2019? Let me know in the comment section! Also you can find me on twitter and Instagram!

And as always thank-you so much for reading!


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1 thought on “My Bookish Resolutions

  1. Happy new year! And good luck with those resolutions. I really need to stop buying books too. There is no space left on my shelf.


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