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About Me and my Review Policy #ReviewPolicy #BookBlogger

Hi there,

I’m Danielle and I love to read books, all of the books and I’ve recently dipped into the magical world of audiobooks. Not tried them out yet? You should!

In 2018 I graduated from university after studying for my forensic degree, at a loss of direction and a love of books, I was nudged by a bookish pal to start up a book blog – I’d already fallen into the world of Netgalley and blogging allowed me to share my reading thoughts with a broader audience, while also making some wonderful friends on the way.

Since I started my blogging journey I’ve expanded my literature tastes, worked on my book sales woman skills and shouted a lot about the books I’ve loved over my social media platforms – once you’re in the book blogging game, I suppose it becomes a lifestyle, like a rock group but we are addicted to the smell of pages and the feels of words.

I am open for requests, I do prefer a physical copy of a book but depending on the formatting, I’d happily read an ebook or listen to an audiobook.

I enjoy the occasional content post also, whether you’d like to share a guest post, partake in a Q&A or if I’m unable to review your book I would happily spotlight it in a post to share.

If you’d like to contribute a content post, I’m open to all genres and books, as long as they’re not offensive and unkind. Nothing racist, or harmful to a community, such as the LGBTQ+ community.

In terms of book reviews, again, I am open to versatile genres but I do prefer not to read hard erotica, sci-fi, fantasy or space opera type reads, but I could help in sharing a tweet or two to help you find your audience.

My favourite genres include:

– Anything under the umbrella of thriller

– Horror

– Poetry

– Translated Fiction

– Crime Fiction

– Romance

– Coming of age

I’ll always aim for a quick turn around within a month, with review shares on my blog, Twitter and a mini review taster on Instagram.

Please feel free to email me any questions or requests,

I hope to hear from you soon!



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