November Reading Wrap-up

November is finally over and we are officially in the month of Christmas, I for one have left the gift buying until the last minute but I have wedeled down my TBR pile so I can start afresh and organised this month!


The majority of books that I read in November have been brilliant, all in all it’s been a good month for hitting my annual target of 52, with 11 books read. The ones that I haven’t blog reviewed, I’ve included a mini review!

Also, the books that I haven’t reviewed will be linked to amazon, whereas the ones I have will be linked to that blog post!

Guess Who by Chris McGeorge – Locked room mystery meets Agatha Christie’s Then There Were None. Debut novel that will keep you guessing until the very end. Imaginative and clever. 5 / 5 stars. Chris has another locked room thriller coming out on the 13th June 2019, called Now You See Me, available for pre-order now!


The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides – Release date 7th Feb 2019. I was lucky to have received a sampler of this book from Netgalley but also won a paperback copy of an uncorrected proof in an Orion Books competition, which I was so grateful for. I found this book great, I couldn’t believe it was a debut novel and it exceeded all my expectations. I read it in one sitting, until I finally finished it at 1am shocked! This is set to be one of the biggest thriller reads of 2019, exceeding Paula Hawkins Girl on a Train and Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl. You can pre-order now! Again 5/5 stars.


The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor – Headlined as being one of the most chilling books that you’ll read this year, did not disappoint. With Stephen King quoted as saying “If you like my stuff, you’ll like this” and who are we to disagree with The King of Horror himself? C.J. Tudors ability to create a fictional world and write a story is applauding and had me on the edge of my seat the whole time reading it. The ending left me reeling from a twist that I didn’t see coming. If you enjoy a grippingly chilling read this winter, this is the read for you! C.J. Tudor also has her next novel coming out in February of 2019; The Taking of Annie Thorne (UK) and The Hiding Place (US), don’t be fooled by purchasing both, because Amazon will offer this, they are the same book! (Thank-god I was informed first!).

One Little Lie by Sam Carrington (see link for blog review).
Little Darlings by Melanie Golding (See link for blog review)


Miss Marley by Vanessa Lafaye & Becca Mascull


Everything Falls Apart by Nathan O’Hagan

An Anonymous Girl by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

Justice is Served I by M.W.Leeming


The Choice by Edith Eger

The Doll Factory by Elizabeth Macneal – This was my second Netgalley choice this month, the first being An Anonymous Girl. This story was set in a rather gothic Victorian London, that included all aspects of an evocatively scary read. In a twisted tale of love and obsession within a repressed era. The main characters include Iris, with a goal of being the free artists that she longs to be, rather than a life of painting porcelain dolls for £20 a year. She is offered to become a model for an artist; Louis, in exchange a shilling an hour with a daily half hour lesson on how to professionally paint, Iris is finally able to live a life of freedom that she so longed for but she’s unaware what lurks in wait for her amongst the shadows. The local (lonely) self-made taxidermist; Silas, who will go to any lengths to posses her. With a handful of dark twists and a dash of sexiness, you’ll be sucked into this fictional story, unable to come up for breath . If you enjoy historical fiction with dark undertones then this is the read for you. Available for pre-order now for its May 2019 release!


Jog On by Bella Mackie – I was so thankful to be provided with a pre-release copy of this book for review by WM Collins Books (I definitely did a happy dance when I received it!) I’m not going to review this read on this post until closer to it’s 27th December release date, but I have provided you with a little bit of the Amazon blog! (Good things come to those who wait!)

“Divorced and struggling with deep-rooted mental health problems, Bella Mackie ended her twenties in tears. She could barely find the strength to get off the sofa, let alone piece her life back together. Until one day she did something she had never done of her own free will – she pulled on a pair of trainers and went for a run.

That first attempt didn’t last very long. But to her surprise, she was back out there the next day. And the day after that. She began to set herself achievable goals – to run 5k in under 30 minutes, to walk to work every day for a week, to attempt 10 push-ups in a row. Before she knew it, her mood was lifting for the first time in years.”

So, that’s my month in books, I enjoyed these reads, some more than others but enjoyed the same! As some of you may have read in earlier posts; I had set myself an annual reading challenge of 52 books, Jog On is number 50 (nearly at the finishing line!). All keeping well, I should hit my 52 and possibly a few more. Currently sorting out December’s TBR pile, which is half Christmassy (If you like a bloody Christmas) and half “I need to read my blog tour books” (For another post).

Anyways, hope you’ve enjoyed reading, as always, if you’ve read any of these or they’re in your TBR pile leave a comment / opinion / like, whatever you feel like!


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4 thoughts on “November Reading Wrap-up

  1. The Chalk Man is fantastic, one of my books of the year and The Silent Patient is brilliant too. I was lucky enough to get one of the first proofs and reviews and I was surprised how good it was.👍


    1. Proof twins!! All the debuts novels were amazing! Sometimes you can get a few alright ones, but my gosh I was truly spoilt for thrillers this month! I think ill second that! I LOVE C.J.Tudor and she is only one book into the game! I can’t wait for The Taking of Annie Thorne next year!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It has been a great year for debuts. Have you read The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton? It’s a debut and is brilliant.👍 I can’t wait for The Taking of Annie Thorne either but…..depending on when I read it I don’t have long to wait as I have a proof.😂👍

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I haven’t!! I have heard so many great things about that book and everytime I go and buy books I forget! I will eventually get it! Pinky swear! That’s it, just go and rub it in haha. I’ve pre-ordered it for feb/March so that weekend I’m not making plans! I can’t wait to read your review! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

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