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How I was seduced into a sexy read-a-thon!

I’ve had a pretty good month reading wise, so one more squeezed in right at the end of the month wouldn’t hurt, I said to myself. I had just finished the amazingly inspirational book Jog On by Bella Mackie when my dark side AKA my book devouring alter ego, swoops in with this brilliant idea; how about a starting a readathon…. of Will Carver’s Good Samaritans….. at 9pm on a Wednesday night…. and roping your bookish bestie into your completely justified reading plans so late in the night! Instead of talking me down of the cliff of my massive TBR pile, you know what she said? This: raw.gifShe will say ‘I challenged her’ but she did not take any convincing, I am the bad influence but Rachel from Rachel Read It is the accomplice, not at all the reading victim! With the reading20181130_170016.jpg challenge set, with only one rule; only 50 pages a day, the readathon begun! (I started an hour after because it was The Apprentice night and nothing comes between me and Claude Littner!)

10pm, I drag myself upstairs to begin the read I had been itching to start after buying it for 99p on kindle, bloody bargain! The first page alone left shook, it was this point that I knew I was in trouble with the one and only rule, but I read the 50 pages and stopped (stopped reading but couldn’t stop thinking about the darkly delicious thriller!) I couldn’t wait to read it the next day! I was hooked, line and sinker!20181130_170007.jpg

Day two of our Good Samaritans reading challenge was the most difficult, I had neglected the housework so I had to pull my socks up and do the chores! But the text from Rachel haunted me… at 7:29…. she was hours ahead of me BUT after she had read her 50 pages of the day, I would still have mine to read. 10pm comes around and I start, finishing around midnight…. cue another fantastic idea of mine (yes i’m full of them!) 12am marks the start of a new day, therefore I can read the next 50 pages. I couldn’t believe it, I stumbled upon a bookish loophole and salivated at the thought, like Hannibal Lector over a cannibalistic buffet! And oh how I gorged on the forth coming chapters! BUT I stopped at the end of those 50 pages! Scandal or forward thinking? I thought the latter, Rachel though scandal! Really, she was mad at herself for not thinking of it herself… mwahahaha! 20181130_165940.jpgAlthough…. now I have to wait for her to catch up, so we can discuss theories etc! It feels like forever! (Go and see the threads, they’re bloody hilarious, click here or here)

Good Samaritans was un-putdownable, I had to be sternly controlled by Rachelreadit before I full steamed ahead and defeated the aim of the readALONG. It was my own fault, I blame me, Rachel blames me and my kindle stares at me both disapprovingly and seductively from the bedside table. Like a book addicted Oliver Twist, I begged for more to be chastised in front of the whole twitter community… okay not all… and not chastised but I couldn’t help have a Veruca Salt style tantrum before shrugging it off and using another read like a dirty rebound until I could be reunited with my love!giphy

I’m currently watching the clock so at midnight I’m on the ball and can read the next 50 pages to see where this story is going to go! It’s going to be the best twist! Such a great debut novel, I will never be able to look at a bath and a yellow bottle of bleach the same way again! This post is somewhat of a two part-er, review to come! I’m telling you now, it’s going to be a thrilling one! Are you reading this, don’t spoil but tell me what you think! And….


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2 thoughts on “How I was seduced into a sexy read-a-thon!

  1. SUCH A TEASE!!! It was literally 200% you and I know you are going to wait till midnight every night till you are done! (He has a back catalogue as well..)x


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