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Wonderfully Bookish

Hi everyone! I’m Danielle (or the lady who read in her closet) and I have a huge book addiction – big books, small books, long books and short books – I love them!

I enjoy reading because it opens doors to fictional worlds where i’m able to escape from the stress of everyday life. I wanted to start a blog so I could share my appreciation of books with the world. I have recently tried to expand the type of book genres I read, such as independently published and horror. I am usually a reader of non-fiction and mystery thrillers (that’s my forensic student mind wanting to be satisfied!).

I review titles for Netgalley and I also put my reviews on Goodreads, as well as mini-reviews on my social media accounts; twitter and Instagram. I have also started approaching publishers to be put on their bloggers list. So if you’re interested in me for read and review, please don’t hesitate to email me with your requests and I’ll get back to you! Ii can’t promise that I’ll accept all reviews (I have two children, three if you include my partner and a guinea pig to keep fed and watered) but I’ll definitely consider them!

If you’re wondering how you can connect with me, these are my social media links and email:




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