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November Book Haul

haul.jpgDon’t you just love it when a much needed coffee date with a fellow book nerd and book-blogger leads to an unexpected book haul? Well, this is exactly what happened to me yesterday when I got some time to have a catch up with Rachelreadit, although she can’t be completely to blame for my book hoarding behaviour, she only walked away with one book, while three seemed to follow me home!

The three books that caught my eye were all collections of short stories that I thought were going to be the perfect accompaniment to the cold winter nights that are fast approaching; should be read with a hot beverage in your favourite mug and blanket!

1. A Very Murderous Christmas – A collection of ten classic crime stories.
“The Christmas season is one of comfort and joy, sparkling lights and steam rising from cups of mulled wine at frosty carol services. A season of goodwill to all men, as families and friends come together to forget their differences and celebrate the year together.
Unless, of course, you happen to be harbouring a grudge. Or hiding a guilty secret. Or you want something so much you just have to have it – whatever the cost. In A Very Murderous Christmas, ten of the best classic crime writers come together to unleash festive havoc, with murder, mayhem and twists aplenty.”

2. A Spot of Folly by Ruth Rendell – Ten murderous tales of murder and mayhem.
“In these tales, a businessman boasts about cheating on his wife, only to find the tables turned. A beautiful country rectory reverberates to the echo of a historical murder. A compulsive liar acts on impulse, only to be lead inexorably to disaster. And a wealthy man finds there is more to his wife’s kidnapping than meets the eye.”

3. Sleep No More by P.D.James – Six murderous tales of revenge.
“As the six murderous tales unfold, the dark motive of revenge is revealed at the heart of each. Bullying schoolmasters receive their comeuppance, unhappy marriages and childhoods are avenged, a murder in the small hours of Christmas Day puts an end to the vicious new lord of the manor, and, from the safety of his nursing home, an octogenarian exerts exquisite retribution.
The punishments inflicted on the guilty are fittingly severe, but here they are meted out by the unseen forces of natural justice rather than the institutions of the law. Once again, P. D. James shows her expert control of the short-story form, conjuring motives and scenarios with complete conviction, and each with a satisfying twist in the tail.”

I’ve included links to amazon for all your book buying needs. Let me know if you’ve read these beautiful book babies and what you thought!

*Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any impulsive book buying behaviour or lack of sleep due to reading said books! Also, all quoted synopsis have been taken from the Amazon blurbs of books.

Happy reading!

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