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An Open Letter to The Guardian

Dear The Guardian,
I became aware of an article that you wrote concerning members of the #bookstagram community on the 30th of October. (For those who have not read it, this is the link: I personally, feel that you have decided to create an unwarranted attack up on the world of booklovers and I am not sure the reason why. Do you just hate books? Or is it because we read better books than you do? Maybe, it is because, unlike your tabloid world, a lot friendlier and supportive.

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You have suggested that the #bookselfie has “grown into an annoying art form”, but isn’t writing an art that should be appreciated? Doesn’t an author and their work succumb to trials and tribulations during the creating and proof – reading stage? Do they not worry that the art that they have created with their own words not be acceptable for the reading community? The millions of people who love reading; their opinions, words and thoughts help to develop an author’s self – esteem and creative work. Our book-selfies are appreciative art to showcase an even better piece of art!
Our community isn’t that of an ageist kind, we are not all 20 something’s and bored. We are a collection of ages, races and genders. We are nurses, scientists and teachers. We want the next generation to fall in love with reading, not just tell them about it but show them that reading is cool, it is amazing. For some of us, the bookish community is our only escape from hardships in our lives, some of those books will touch our very souls and stay within our hearts until the day we die. It gives us so much joy to share those works with the world, so please let us enjoy what we do without constantly judging the covers of our books, whether they are paperback or on an ebook reader. They are ours, not yours, so leave our books and bookstagram alone!
I would also like to point out that any mention of Mein Kampf in an article associated with the book world, is slightly offensive, and yes some people also showcase textbooks!
I have taken the time to also included a link of an article that examines how reading can have a positive impact on mental health; I personally think that bookstagram and the blogging community encourages people to read more.
Best Wishes!

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